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The different between My Hair and Addhair

The Addhair employs the procedure of attaching some real hairs of ANOTHER PERSON onto a simulated scalp which is then put on your scalp. The Addhair will never grow any longer and the texture of the Addhair is pretty much different from that of your own hair. Moreover, the overlapping of Addhair on the scalp results in very poor gas permeability and makes you feel very cramped.

“My Hair” is the transplantation of your own hairs from the occiput where hair is very dense. These transplanted hairs are your own hairs, and thus, the color and texture is the SAME as your original existing hairs. “My Hair” will keep growing NATURALLY and the result is, of course, very NATUAL. You can cut “My Hair” to suit your different hair styles. You can enjoy strenuous exercises without the fear of hair falling from the scalp like in situation of Addhair. You only need to take care of “My Hair” as your other hairs in the usual way, without the need of any special products.

Another unique important feature of “My Hair” is that it is NOT affected by the hormone dihydrotestosterone(DHT). Therefore, “My Hair” will not miniaturize as the original existing hairs. “My Hair” is always my hair, you just need to enjoy life, with full confidence.

DHI® Hair Service

The DHI® (Direct Hair Implantation) is a minimally invasive procedure of hair transplantation which avoids the need for a strip of donor skin to be removed from the back of the head. By fusing the emerging DHI® with the proven procedure, DHI® is a unique procedure that combines the benefits of follicular unit extraction with the ease, speed, and reliability of the DHI procedure.

The DHI procedure does not involve the processes commonly known as "strip extraction" or "hair plugs". There is no cutting and/or removal of any skin from your scalp or the implantation of "hair plugs" that give an unnatural appearance. Thus the DHI® results in inconspicuous scar.

DHI® is:
 Single follicular unit extraction (extracted one by one) using a minimally invasive procedure with especially designed tools
 Follicle placement by the DHI implanter®
The Results:
 New hair that grows with natural results
 Minimal pain - Inconspicuous scar
DHI is any of the following:
Grafts transplants
Hair replacement
Micro and mini grafts
Synthetic fibre implants
Flaps and scalp reductions
Drugs or lotions and potions
Invasive scar forming strip surgery

DHI® Protocol

DHI: DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION® was developed by the DHI International research and development team. This team has been guided for 37 years by Mr. Konstantinos P. Giotis, the company’s founder and current chairman.

Mr. Giotis, himself a recipient of many various hair restoration treatments, has a mission which consumes his professional career. He continually strives to create a safe, painless and non-invasive hair restoration procedure which guarantees its results!

In 2003, the DHI: Direct Hair Implantation® procedure was developed and perfected in the Athens clinic. Although the procedure is ‘minimally-invasive’, research is being conducted daily with the goal of very soon being able to provide a completely ‘non-invasive’ procedure to our hair loss clients.

All training of members of the DHI Medical Teams is completed exclusively at the Head Office and Clinic in Athens, Greece. They are all stringently interviewed and tested to ensure they possess the qualities that are DHI pre-requisites for approval.


Densitometry test

Prior to a session a densitometry test is performed using a micro-camera computer system to measure the density of the donor and the implantation areas and the exact number of hairs per square centimetre in each area.

Design and Hair Distribution

A mathematical formula is then used to determine the distribution of hair follicles in a density pattern per square centimetre that provides the best density in each case for a full natural appearance.


  • Prior to procedure, a DHI doctor will discuss with the patient preference of shaving the implantation area, a portion of the area, or not shaving the area.
  • The patient is always given the option to have the procedure using completely disposable medical tools.
  • As the DHI procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, there is no requirement of testing the extraction or implantation areas prior to the procedure.
  • After applying a local anaesthetic, the doctor will use a specially designed DHI Extractor and separately remove each of the hair follicular units required and prepare them for implantation.
  • The extracted follicular units will be kept in low temperature and undergo careful non-traumatic handling so as to optimize the hair growth after implantation.


  • By using the DHI Implanter® (a medical tool that allows the control of the depth, the angle and the direction of each hair follicle implanted), the doctor will reproduce the patients natural hair pattern with the follicular implants.
  • For procedures of up to 300 single hair follicles, the individual follicles are placed directly following extraction. For larger procedures, all the follicular units required are removed and then implantation begins.

DHI Implanter®

The DHI Implanter® is a hair follicle placement device researched and developed by DHI International and used exclusively for hair transplants by DHI clinics worldwide. The implementation of this device was very important to the success of our hair transplant procedure and allows us to offer the natural results and a written guarantee to our patients.

DHI Implanter® allows the safe transfer of hair follicles from the donor site to the implantation site with minimal disturbance. Occasionally forceps will be used to assist your doctor in placing the follicles, especially if the implantation site has been scarred by accident or by other previous hair restoration surgery.

Here is a detailed diagram of the DHI Implanter® and how the device operates.

DHI® Procedure

The DHI: Direct Hair Implantation® is the most minimally invasive hair transplant available today and does not remove a donor strip. The entire procedure is carried out using the finest and most precise, custom-designed hair transplant instruments available. For follicle extraction, custom designed micro-surgical tool the DHI Extractor, is used to ensure each follicular group of hair is precisely removed one by one without much extra tissue or damage to the surrounding skin. For follicle placement, we use only state of the art instrumentation, the DHI Implanter®. Our procedures cause less than minimal trauma to the scalp and do not cause any pitting or indentation, and scarring is minimal. Even under high magnification you cannot tell the difference between the transplanted hair and your normal hair. Candidates for the DHI procedure must have adequate hair to donate either from the back of the head, sides of the head, or somewhere else on the body.

Our surgeons are fully trained in hair transplant surgical placement techniques and customize a surgery protocol specifically for each patient that produces natural results.

Innovative Direct Hair Implantation®

The state-of-the-art extraction method used at all DHI clinics is the unique DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) service.

  • Individual hair follicular units are removed one by one using the DHI Extractor and Implanter - both devices designed by the DHI research and development team - by a surgeon who is wearing high magnification loupes.
  • The hair extraction is simple, minimal pain, and the donor area heals within 2-4 days and there is minimal risk of nerve damage because it is only a minimally invasive operation. With your surgeon, you decide the exact number of hairs to remove, there is no maximum.
  • We can extract and place 1,000-1,500 hairs per day because with DHI®, we are only limited by the availability of donor hair from the head or body.
  • With DHI®, hair from all over the body can be used. Many of the patients have excessive amounts of body hair with the identical texture and growth patterns as their scalp hair, and they are more than pleased to be able to have their body hair extracted and implanted in the scalp
  • With DHI®, there is minimal scarring. Patients are available to have their donor areas inspected up close in person to see the excellent results. A patient can shave his head or trim his hair short at any time during his life. With DHI®, every patient has kept the option to wear all the current cuts and styles.
  • DHI ® A significant benefit of the DHI® is that not even ONE follicular unit is damaged during the extraction. Should the surgeon decide for any reason that he will not remove the targeted follicular unit, he simply leaves it there, opts not to remove it, and it will continue to grow normally as before.
  • DHI® allows the patient to control the number of follicular units that he would like to have extracted and implanted . This is an excellent benefit to the patient as he can choose to undergo a procedure of his choice (as far as the number of hairs go) dependent upon his budget or schedule.
  • There is absolutely no difference in healing, recovery, risks between small sessions and large sessions, and there is no waiting period between DHI procedures.

Post Operative Recovery

The extraction sites heal within days and are nearly undetectable because it is only a minimally invasive procedure with minimal scarring. The DHI® allows the patient to play sports, weight train or resume an exercise program after 2 weeks. The waiting period is only for the hairs to take ‘root' in the recipient site.

Quality of Donor Hairs

One vitally important aspect of the DHI: Direct Hair Implantation® is the quality of the donor hairs extracted. Extensive studies show that the quality and strength of the donor hairs removed are far higher than those removed with the strip extraction. We have been presenting the results of on-going scientifically controlled study with the University of Athens in medical abstracts on our findings at various hair transplant seminars.

Surgical Quality Control

Quality control during the procedure and optimum care of the hairs is maximized by adhering strict aseptic surgical protocol laid by Union DHI Hair Centre.